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Hi there!

Hello! I'm Nina,

Foodie by day and night. Welcome to my online kitchen where I will be sharing step-by-step recipes for simple and authentic dishes that are very flavorful. My favorite thing in life is my family and seeing their happiness when they taste my home cooked food.

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Food is Love

My online kitchen is where I am excited to share some of my very own favorite recipes that come from my childhood memories. Born in the Fiji Islands I always remember eating simple home cooked meals that my mom cooked from scratch. I was always curious and observed what ingredients to use in order to create flavorful dishes from what was grown in our own garden. If I was to ask my mom about how to cook any dish her first response would be, "Put little bit of that, little bit of this and no.. not that!" I never recall anyone in Fiji using or following a recipe book. Now that USA is my home, I have been introduced to foods from many different cultures. My mind is constantly thinking about how I can cook dishes with my own twists and to put mouthwatering flavors in the most wonderful dishes to share with my family and friends. In addition to my cooking hobby I started gardening in spring of 2020 to grow some of my own vegetables. Sharing my recipes to help others use produce from their garden in a delicious way has become my passion. Most importantly, my recipes will be easy to follow and will come with flavorful tastes. 

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. I also share my daily life story on my personal Instagram account @fijicook. I would be thrilled if you follow.

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